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Pet Dentistry

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Pet Dentistry

Does your pet have bad breath? As unpleasant as it can be for your senses, it may also indicate the onset of dental disease, which affects a majority of dogs and cats over age 3.

Our veterinary team here at Lake Pointe Veterinary Hospital has seen firsthand how serious the effects of this condition can be, but we also know that with proper care, dental disease can be prevented very effectively. We’re glad to offer recommendations to help you manage your pet’s dental care at home, but we also offer professional cat and dog teeth cleanings to aid in preventing and treating dental disease. Clean, healthy gums and teeth are extremely important to your pet’s ongoing health and can help them live longer!

We take every opportunity to educate pet parents about the importance of pet dental care. The best thing to do for your pet is to start their dental regimen early, so they can get used to having their teeth brushed. However, there are also other forms of treatment available to control plaque and tartar buildup, including dental diets, oral chews, rinses, and more.

How can I tell if my dog has dental problems?

Dogs and cats should see us annually for a full physical exam, which includes checking the teeth and gums. Without these regular checkups, it’s difficult for us to evaluate your pet’s oral health and improve their oral hygiene.

Without routine care at home and regular vet visits, pets can develop gingivitis, dental disease, and other oral health problems. Often, pets will not show any outward sign of a dental problem, but these characteristics and behaviors could indicate the presence of an infection in the mouth:

  • Bad breath
  • Drooling
  • Difficulty eating (dropping food)
  • Chewing on one side
  • Decreased interest in chew toys and tugging games
  • Pawing at face and mouth
  • Playing and socializing less often
How do you perform cat and dog teeth cleanings? (Dental Prophylaxis)

Our veterinary team in Amelia, OH has the skill (and tools) to perform a thorough, deep clean on your pet’s mouth in a safe, comfortable environment.

  • First, we examine your pet and run pre-anesthetic blood work to assess their organs and make sure they’re healthy
  • When your pet is ready for their procedure, we administer the anesthesia according to their health and weight
  • Before the cleaning, we take full mouth X-rays to evaluate the tooth roots and underlying bone for signs of decay and infection
  • Next, we use hand scaling and ultrasonic scaling tools to break down and remove plaque and tartar above and below the gum line
  • After scaling your pet’s teeth, we examine each individual tooth and check for pockets, which can indicate gum recession and possibly periodontal disease
  • We chart all of our findings from your pet’s oral exam and teeth cleaning, including any treatments they required
  • To help prevent future plaque and tartar buildup, we polish your pet’s teeth to smooth the enamel
  • Sealants are applied to provide additional protection against bacteria
  • If required, we can also perform tooth extractions (with your confirmation and the appropriate pain relief medications)